Top 5 Best Science Games and Interactives

At STEM Village, we love finding the best STEM education resources available and sharing them in our Science, Math, Technology, and Discovery units. Each week we ask our Content Team to choose their favourite resources from the 1000s we have curated to help create an immersive and engaging STEM Education experience. We share a list every week and this week it’s all about Science! Here’s a list of the Top 5 Science Games and Interactives we love at STEM Village:

  1. Explore Learning Gizmos is a great site that has hundreds of math and science simulations and virtual labs. They have too many topics to list here – but there’s something for the larger curriculum guidelines in Ontario. We love to see students use this on our Education App because it allows them to see how altering different variables alter the outcomes of experiments. Students can try over and over again and learn something new each time! They are always converting their old Flash resources into HTML5 – making them easy to use on i-Pads and other tablets. This is not a free resource but definitely try out the 5-minute trial version of each lab – and you can always find them tied to the curriculum on STEM Village!
  2. cK-12.Org ck12 is a wonderful resource, however students may need some guidance to find a particular skill and the right resource if navigating the site alone. We are putting this resource so high on the list because each individual skill has lessons for students that want to either learn a skill from scratch or gain a deeper understanding. There is always a game or practice test that will help your child understand what they may be doing wrong. Finally, they have a special resource called PLIX in which students can visually interact with each concept.
  3. Centre of the Cell has a selection of games and apps that will definitely engage your students. Let students dive into a cell to learn all about mitosis, cell parts, and much more! Although this resource does not cover the entire curriculum, their resources are a favorite of the students who use STEM Village and our Content Team. While your students play these games concepts are also explained to them. Use this resource to immerse students with the world of biology – or find it on STEM Village tied to the curriculum.
  4. Web Adventures by Rice University are free games that immerse your students in a world of science in the real-world or even explore awesome STEM careers. These games are made for older students as many of the games relate to forensic sciences. Although these games don’t work for all grades, the students who do play the games step into the life of a scientist and makes decisions that affect real-world problems.
  5. National Geographic Education is famous for their educational resources, especially relating to the environment and different cultures. Did you know they have some great engineering resources too? One of our favourite games includes Ovie’s Engineering Challenge, where your students will combine their physics and math skills to solve problems and puzzles. Challenge Robots is a great (and very fun) introduction to the engineering process, robotics, and how robots function overall. We also love their two Plan it Green games where your students are asked to design and build an energy efficient city. Students learn all about green initiatives happening all around cities – from street and building design to alternative energy sources! If you want your child or students to dive into a world where they live as an environmental engineer or city planner, these games are right for you!

Our Content Development Team aims to track the best STEM education resources available so we can provide them to your child or student in the most engaging way possible. There are many resources that we include on STEM Village, and we will continue to share lists of our favourite resources on our blog. Please take this time to sign-up, for free, at STEM Village to access a world of STEM. Join us on Twitter and Facebook to be part of the STEM conversation and stay updated on what’s happening at STEM Village!

This article was written by Erin Carmody, an experienced educator, education consultant, and Content Manager at STEM Village.