STEM Village is committed to working with Libraries


Enroll your Library

  • Contact us at to get started
  • We will setup an introductory call/online meeting with you and your team
  • Our team can help identify specific opportunities for your library


  • Increase student engagement by adding an online component to STEM programs
    • Compliment and augment existing Maker and hands-on STEM technology currently available in libraries
    • Quickly match online resources to any existing STEM program
    • Curated learning packages can be easily navigated by grade, subject, and topic
    • Keep library STEM content current to rapidly evolving marketplace
  • Promote student-centric, self-paced learning (accelerated, homework help, or review)
  • Enable parent-child learning engagement via their local library
  • Raise level of STEM knowledge and confidence across library staff


  • Online, achievement-based STEM learning
  • 24-hour access to the most innovative and engaging STEM content available
  • Mastery of critical skills required for 90% of top jobs
  • Development of positive attitudes toward STEM learning
  • Guidance about the fastest growing, highest paying, and most rewarding careers


STEM Village is aligned with many emerging library objectives

  • Facilitates “personalized learning”
  • Provides access to modern digital learning approaches and tools
  • Stimulates imagination
  • Promotes digital literacy
  • Encourages curiosity in emerging subjects and topics

What People are Saying…

“Parents are keen to have their kids start studying content for the year ahead OR have their child review their previous grade if they had problems during the school year. They are very enthusiastic about the program”

Monika Machacek, Deputy CEO, East Gwillimbury Public Library

“Brianna attended the STEM programming session in the summer. After the first two weeks of school, I asked her about homework. She said she didn’t have any because the Science stuff was so easy (which is not what I’m used to hearing from her). I was shocked that it was easy for her and she said – it’s the same stuff I did at the library in the summer… So, thank you very much for offering great tween programming!”

Diana Robichaud, Parent