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What is STEM Village?

STEM Village is a comprehensive educational software web application, designed to run on tablets and computers using standard web browsers. Students, parents, and teachers can each have their own account with unique features. Students are guided through skill development paths in math, science, and technology for their age/grade level, but can also explore freely to any skill as well as discovery topics in engineering, data analytics, robotics, and many other emerging STEM fields. Students learn the skills using leading edge web tools, games, and videos and are quizzed on their skill mastery using a user-friendly question engine. Math and science skills are currently mapped to the Ontario grade 5-8 curriculum, with new levels being added continually over time.

Parents can monitor their children’s progress through a personalized dashboard for each child. Parents can also set custom rewards at progress levels of their own determination. Similarly, teachers can monitor the progress of their entire class through user-friendly personalized dashboards.

Getting Started

STEM Village is a program designed for Student learning, and the application focuses on the student experience.


Set Up Your Accounts

  1. Sign-up for a PARENT Account HERE
    • Activation E-mail sent from STEM Village
    • Follow the link to activate
  2. Set-up a STUDENT account via your PARENT dashboard
    • Select “Add Student”
    • Enter your child’s information
    • Select “Add Student” when complete
    • Add as many children and you would like
  3. Use STEM Village by following these steps:
    • Sign-out of your PARENT Account
    • Sign-in to STUDENT Account
    • Explore Science, Math, Technology, or Discovery based on your interests and needs

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About STEM Village

STEM Village is a leading-edge online education solution, helping put our kids on the path to real opportunity in today’s rapidly changing job market. The magnitude of the skills gap we are facing in North America is staggering, and our children need new ways to develop these in-demand skills. STEM Village takes full advantage of the latest content and tools available online, by structuring learning paths, providing detailed reporting to parents, creatively rewarding students, and driving to real world outcomes including summer jobs and internships, university admissions, scholarships and, ultimately, rewarding careers. STEM Village is one of the only education tools that connects both parents and teachers to each child’s learning path as well as real-world experiences.

Watch a quick video about STEM Education and how STEM Village works:

Our Team

As the founders of STEM Village, we are concerned parents, experienced educators, and seasoned business professionals. With children of our own ranging from 8 to 18 years old, we are worried about their future within the traditional system, and are strongly motivated to drive positive change in education. We launched STEM Village to help our children, and others like them.

Our Content

Our team of experienced STEM educators have mapped the individual skills to the provincial curriculum in math and science (currently grades 5-8). For technology, engineering, and other emerging STEM subjects, specific learning paths have been developed by our team appropriate for all ages. We also carefully select the most effective learning tools available online, and accommodate a wide range of learning styles. Our test questions are also built to a high standard of effectiveness based on the latest educational principles.

Our Benefits
Why our Students Excel
  • Mastery of critical STEM skills required for 90% of top jobs
  • Help with homework, whether they need to catch up or want to stay ahead of the class
  • Fun learning tools, games and assessments that identify knowledge gaps and direct new learning
  • Access to the most innovative and engaging Web content available
  • Guidance about the fastest growing, highest paying and most rewarding careers
What Parents Love About Us
  • 24/7 access from anywhere – no commuting required
  • Curriculum based on Ministry of Education requirements and skills required for top careers
  • Ability to set custom rewards based on your family’s preferences
  • Progress you can track – monitor learning using detailed real-time reports
  • The ability to link to your child’s teachers to perfectly align home and school learning


  • We were recently featured in Professionally Speaking Magazine, an educators magazine that is sent to thousands of Ontario Educators each month


  • “Parents are keen to have their kids start studying content for the year ahead OR have their child review their previous grade if they had problems during the school year. They are VERY enthusiastic about the program”

    Monika Conduit, Deputy CEO, East Gwillimbury Public Library

    East Gwillimbury Public Library is proud to be the first public library in Ontario to incorporate STEM Village into their youth programming

  • “[My daughter] attended the STEM programming in July, but due to vacations, missed August. After the first two weeks of school, I asked her about homework. She said she didn’t have any because the Science stuff was so easy (which is not what I’m used to hearing from her). I was shocked that it was easy for her and she said – it’s the same stuff I did at the library in the summer… Also, I signed her up for it in September, and she missed the first week due to an illness, but had lots of fun the second week. Really worked well with the kids, very engaging. So, thank you very much for offering great tween programming!”

    Diana Robichaud, mother of STEM Village and EGPL summer programming participant

  • “The Library is also more than just a home for books, there is a full array of technology and educational opportunities available. The library recently partnered with STEM Village to to be the first library in Canada to offer this online learning tool to enhance skill development in these essential subjects. In addition, the library offers an array of exciting programs to engage children with STEM subjects in fun ways such as 3D printing!”

    Virginia Hackson, Mayor York Region – extract from Council Connection: EG Library Truly a Place of Wonder, Excitement