Library Access to Online STEM Learning

A perfect online extension to the physical Library resources

  • Increase user’s engagement by adding an online component to STEM programs
    • Compliment and augment existing Maker and hands-on STEM technology currently available in libraries
    • Quickly match online resources to any existing STEM program
    • Curated learning packages can be easily navigated by grade, subject, and topic
    • Keep library STEM content current to rapidly evolving marketplace
  • Promote student-centric, self-paced learning
  • Accelerated learning, help with homework, or review
  • Enable parent-child learning engagement via their local library
  • Thousands of innovative learning resources mapped to the school curriculum (currently grades 5-8)
  • Online “go to” resource for STEM programming
  • Extend programming beyond hours of operation through anywhere anytime patron access via the internet
  • Add excitement and innovation to school visits
  • Provide equal access to quality supplemental education

Set Up Your Accounts

  1. Sign-up for a PARENT Account HERE
    • Activation E-mail sent from STEM Village
    • Follow the link to activate
  2. Set-up a STUDENT account via your PARENT dashboard
    • Select “Add Student”
    • Enter your child’s information
    • Select “Add Student” when complete
    • Add as many children and you would like
  3. Use STEM Village by following these steps:
    • Sign-out of your PARENT Account
    • Sign-in to STUDENT Account
    • Explore Science, Math, Technology, or Discovery based on your interests and needs