How STEM Village Works

STEM Village is a supplemental education and career guidance program, created to help equip our youth for careers in the new knowledge economy. The program uses online education tools to assess, educate, guide, and motivate students to improve their skills in critical STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) areas and ultimately succeed.









Why our students excel

  • Mastery of critical STEM skills required for 90% of top jobs
  • Help with homework, whether they need to catch up or want to stay ahead of the class
  • Fun learning tools, games and assessments that identify knowledge gaps and direct new learning
  • Access to the most innovative and engaging Web content available
  • Guidance about the fastest growing, highest paying and most rewarding careers

What parents love

  • 24/7 access from anywhere – no commuting required
  • Curriculum based on Ministry of Education requirements and skills required for top careers
  • Ability to set custom rewards based on your family’s preferences
  • Progress you can track – monitor learning using detailed real-time reports
  • The ability to link to your child’s teachers to perfectly align home and school learning

Enroll your child today

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