STEM Village Course: Basic Robotics – LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3

Basic Robotics – LEGO EV3

Program Outline:

  • Session 1: Introduction to Robotics
  • Session 2: Robot Components
  • Session 3: LEGO EV3 – Kit Setup
  • Session 4: LEGO EV3 – Basic Drivetrain
  • Session 5: LEGO EV3 – Ultrasonic and Gyro Sensors
  • Session 6: LEGO EV3 – Medium Motor and Robotic Arm
  • Session 7: LEGO EV3 – Colour and Touch Sensors
  • Sessions 8-9: LEGO EV3 – Robotic Boy Build
  • Sessions 10-12: LEGO EV3 – Competitions

Intro to Robotics

Online Discovery

Independently access the following resources on STEM Village

Basic Robotics Discussion

Group Discussion

With your group, discuss the following about robotics:

  • What are some common robotics applications that impact use daily?
    • At home, at School, in Sport, at Work, Personally, at Play, etc…
  • What advances and developments in robotics would you most like to see
    • In the short term (0-3 years)
    • In the mid term (4-10 years)
    • In the long term (10+ years)
  • Robotics advancements are often aligned with Artificial Intelligence. One of the big issues is how robot-human interaction. Discuss some of the key moral issues at stake

Robot Components

Online Discovery

Independently access the following resources on STEM Village

Discuss and list:

  • Types of input sensors
  • Actions and logic that the CPU will perform
  • Types of output devices

Robot Factory Challenge

  • Access the Robot Factory resource on STEM Village
  • If necessary create a FREE Explorers Account in Wonderville to access the link
  • Using the simulation, try to complete a number of chores

Kit Setup

Get started by understanding and unpacking the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 kit

Basic Drivetrain

Complete the Basic Drivetrain build and programming

  • Pages 1-40 in the MINDSTORMS EV3 Guide
  • Complete the programming both computer and directly in EV3
Helpful Hints
  • Save the programs created so that you know that they were created for then “Basic Drivetrain” build
  • Create alternative programming to experiemnt with different movement