9 Ways to Maximize Your Child’s Learning with STEM Village

1. Get help with homework, or study for a test 

Remind your child that STEM Village is here to help with Math or Science homework.

Our most successful students build STEM Village into their weekly homework routine.  What a great answer to “mom/dad I’m bored… what can I do?”!

  • Click “All Math Topics” or “All Science Topics” to find specific units
  • Learning packages are mapped to the Ontario Curriculum by educators
  • Students are guided to the most innovative and engaging learning videos and practice resources (including fun games!)
  • When they have mastered a skill, they can take the skill test and will be guided to the most appropriate next step for them
  • Students learn at their own pace:
    • Review topics covered at school previously to ensure there are no gaps
    • Continue to work ahead when ready

2. Set-up rewards

Students with parent-set rewards are learning 3x as many skills as students without rewards.

STEP 1.  Login to your Parent account
STEP 2.  “OPEN” the Student account
STEP 3.  Click on “Customize Rewards” and enter your selections

You will receive email notifications as rewards are earned.  Rewards can be changed and updated as often as you like.

3. Block those pesky ads

Install an ad blocker to avoid distraction and minimize exposure.

We recommend Adblock Plus, a reputable and free service which can be installed in less than a minute…

To install on a desktop or laptop, using a Chrome browser:  

Install Adblock Plus


To install on an iPad:

  1. Go to Settings -> General -> Software Update and upgrade your iPad to iOS 9.0 or later (if you haven’t already)
  2. Go to the Apple App Store and install “Adblock Plus”
  3. Go to Settings -> Safari -> Content Blockers and enable Adblock Plus

4. Encourage pencil and paper

Students learn best when they take notes while watching videos or using interactive practice resources.

Also, there is no substitute for good old fashioned pencil and paper when working out problems during skill tests.  Encourage your child to show as much of their work as possible, organized neatly on paper.  Teachers expect this during tests at school.

5. Get your child’s teacher involved

We believe it truly takes a village to educate a child.

STEM Village is a supplemental education solution that allows students to self-direct their learning and practice at home.  However, our solution works best when a child’s teacher is involved and actively using STEM Village during a portion of class time.  

If your child’s teacher is not using STEM Village at school, feel free to share your experiences so far with them, and let them know that STEM Village is free for teachers to use with their classes during school hours.  

If your child’s teacher is already using STEM Village at school, you can link them to your child by adding their TEACHER ID using the “Customize Teachers” feature in our Parent account.  Detailed instructions can be found in the support section, linked below.  This will give them access to your child’s progress so that they can best support their learning.

6. Learn how to code!

Students who learn about technology and coding early in life gain a deeper and more complete understanding of the logic and advanced thinking behind it.

Like learning a language, learning and practicing at a young age actually influences a child’s brain as it is still developing.  This is why early learners have experienced such boundless success in this field (think Gates, Zuckerberg, Jobs,… the list goes on and on).  

The STEM Village Technology curriculum is appropriate for any student in elementary, middle, or high school.  We start with an overview of the wide world of technology, and quickly hone in on specific skills such as UX design and coding as students progress.

7. Track your child’s progress

STEM Village makes it easy to see what your child has learned.

STEP 1.  Login to your Parent account
STEP 2.  Click on “All Math Topics, “All Science Topics”, “All Technology Topics”, or “Explore”
STEP 3.  See what skills, units, and major learning strands they have completed (indicated by a green check mark on top right)

 8. Encourage “Discovery” learning

Students learn best when they discover facts about their world by themselves.

Children love being in charge of their own learning because it gives them a sense of self worth, and it makes the learning more desirable and attainable. 

Through discovery learning, students are also exposed to how the core math and science skills they are learning at school can be used in the “real world”.  They can start to make inks between these skills and what they like, and start to identify future job interests, which in turns adds greater purpose.

The STEM Village Discovery curriculum is appropriate for any student in elementary, middle, or high school.  Students can click “Explore” below Discovery on their dashboard to navigate to a wide range of quickly expanding topics.  Some of our more popular topics include artificial intelligence, 3D printing, robotics, climate change, zoology, natural disasters, space exploration, and many more… 

9. Start exploring future career options

Studies have proven that students with a clear focus on the future are more intrinsically motivated to succeed.

The translation is simple.  Kids with a plan are likely to push themselves to achieve the best education possible. Grades will be higher, courses will be well-chosen to compliment the plan, and students will be less apt to get involved in drugs or other questionable activities.

It is never to early to start learning about exciting potential future careers that link to student interests.  STEM skills are the keys that unlock 90% of the top professions of the future so students can and will change their minds often.  However, choosing a career is one of the most important journeys in life, and the process should start by grade 6 when kids are able to understand how core skills in math, science, and technology are not only relevant, but crucial for their future.

We have embedded career learning within our Discovery and Technology curriculum, and parents and students can also explore the career paths section of our website at http://www.stemvillage.com/career-paths/.

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